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The independent ferment in Brazilian Music derives from it's own richness. In the last two decades a host of labels were created to bring to consumers the best part of what was left behind by the major companies, which is a lot considering the variety of styles and influences in a continent size country like Brazil.

Rob Digital started as a label catering for the authentic, with quality but no prejudice. It's first titles covered genres like Choro, Samba, Bossa, Instrumental Music, Soundtracks, and even Poetry.

These albuns gained quick recognition amongst a public searching for new options in the music shelves of the Country. Some of them were nominated for the best music awards in Brazil and one was granted a Latin Grammy for best Brazilian Roots Album.

The labels found to be the best partners brought in the necessary musical muscle to form a much stronger catalogue. The label CPC Umes brought a rich mix of instrumental music, choro, samba, and new talent with a welcome bias on the Northeastern region with its pulsating rithms. Radio MEC label benefits from the use of a symphonic recording studio which was put to the service of old and new talent doing their albums with substantial artistic freedom. Zabumba Records brings in a lot of experience in recording quality instrumental music, and Carioca Discos represents the best tradition of roots samba from Rio de Janeiro.

The final result in building this catalogue, besides its quality, is the choice offered in each style it covers. Its titles of samba represent the best selection of the genre among independent labels.

Choro and Instrumental music, specially Brazilian Guitar, Classical and Regional music, form a selection which can be said to have in common one attribute - it is good music made to last.

Rob Digital is proud to represent this quality catalogue, and is open to negotiations covering any aspect of the music business, from licensing of individual titles to compilations, from distribution deals to direct export to retailers.


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